MIAMI, FLLloyd Jones, a senior housing and multifamily investment firm based in Miami has recently announced the appointment of Tod Petty as executive vice president of Lloyd Jones Senior Living.

With this new appointment, Petty will begin a new phase of reimagining how the industry serves seniors by leading the management of Lloyd Jones’ Senior Living. He will oversee the firm’s senior properties, new developments, and Lloyd Jones Senior Living third-party management business.

Petty is known throughout the senior living industry for his vision and ability to inspire corporate cultures where the seniors’ needs are the highest priority. Prior to joining Lloyd Jones, Petty was president of Thrive Senior Living, where he pioneered many of the features seen in new communities today. He adopted and applied technology to enhance the quality of care and life for seniors.

“I am delighted to join Lloyd Jones because I have experienced first-hand how the traditional model failed residents and spent years working to change that paradigm by inspiring a culture of empathy and innovation,” says Petty.

Christopher Finlay, CEO/Chairman of Lloyd Jones says, “I am thrilled to expand the firm’s senior living operations with the appointment of an experienced industry veteran.”

Lloyd Jones LLC is a real estate investment and development firm that specializes in multifamily and senior housing.  Leveraging its 40 years in the industry under the continuous direction of Chairman/CEO, Christopher Finlay, the firm has recently introduced Lloyd Jones Senior Living offering third-party, senior-living management.
Based in Miami, the firm includes divisions in multifamily investment, development, management, and senior living. Its investment partners include institutions, private investors, and its own principals.