How It Works: Investing in Senior Living Projects via Crowdfunding

Chris Finlay, Chairman and CEO of Lloyd Jones, breaks down what it takes to start investing in senior living real estate via crowdfunding, and how to make the most of the market in 2022.

Here’s a short excerpt from this video:

“We at Lloyd Jones have invested a significant amount of capital into creating our own operating platform. We brought on board senior industry leaders, top players. And that’s the unique thing about the time we’re in…”

Before you entrust your funds to a real estate investment partner, ask some questions.
First: Is your real estate investment partner an Allocator or an Operator? There is a big difference.
Allocators distribute capital on your behalf to Operators. Allocators seek the best operators and invest, on your behalf, in whatever funds and deals operators bring to them. Allocators make sense if you are a pension fund (or similar) with no expertise in real estate investment. You are basically outsourcing that function and knowledge; however, it comes at a cost. You have no input in asset selection or fund strategy. And of course, the Allocator charges fees. This adds an additional layer of costs to you, and these fees come out of the investment thus reducing your returns. An Operator, on the other hand, is the preferred solution if you have the resources to analyze a specific fund or an individual deal. If you invest directly with a real estate operator, you will not only save a layer of expensive fees, but also get to choose a fund investment strategy, (or particular asset), its geography, investment term, and even the potential returns. But be careful how you choose an operator. They are not all the same.
Six questions you should ask your operator:

  1. Focus. What asset class do you specialize in?

If the answer is “retail, industrial, and student housing…” Run! An operator must be an expert in a specific asset class.

  1. Market. What markets do you specialize in?

The same applies to markets. A real estate operator must have a physical presence in the target market to really understand its nuances and trends.

  1. How long have you been in business? In the specific asset class? In the specific market?

Experience is priceless.

  1. How many economic cycles have you experienced? How did you weather the market crashes of early ’90s and ’08?

Real estate is great while the market is booming. Does your operator know what to do in a crash?

  1. Who manages your investment properties? Do you outsource to a 3rd party management company?

There is no substitute for your own, on-site management of your assets. As a wise farmer once told me, “The best fertilizer is the farmer’s foot on the soil.” This applies to property management, as well. You must have your foot – and your hands, eyes, and ears — on the property, at all times. The 3rd party manager has no skin in the game. It’s not his money at risk if there is a budget shortfall.
A word about property management: It is local, hands-on, and very difficult – and probably the most important aspect of a real estate investment. Your management team, especially at the site level, is critical to your property’s success. Few investors/operators pay enough attention to this fact. Let me assure you, it’s very, very difficult to assemble the right team. I can hire 1,000 financial analysts more easily than one, excellent on-site property manager. It’s that hard.

  1. How much of your own money are you putting in the deal?

Most sophisticated investors want to see the operator have money in the deal. It gives them comfort knowing that if the investment is not successful, the operator will share the pain.
At Lloyd Jones Capital, we always invest alongside our real estate investment partners, but, in fact, maintaining our good reputation and strong track record is what motivates us to succeed. With the transparency in the market today, an operator’s reputation is far more valuable than his money.
In summary, when choosing a real estate investment partner, ask these questions and remember:
Real estate is local and hands-on. Your partner should be, too.
Christopher Finlay is Chairman/CEO of Lloyd Jones Capital, a private-equity real estate operator that specializes in the multifamily and senior housing sectors. Headquartered in Miami, the firm acquires, improves, and operates multifamily real estate in growth markets throughout Texas, Florida, and the Southeast. Its affiliated management group is an Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) with a thirty-five-year history in multifamily real estate.

MIAMI –  Lloyd Jones Capital, a Miami-based multifamily investment firm, has acquired the Deerwood Park apartment community in Jacksonville, Florida. The property is located in the Deerwood Office Park on Touchton Road, home to 5.2 million square feet of office space and the largest employers in the MSA. Residents of Deerwood Park enjoy an address that offers a live, work and play lifestyle in Southside, one of Jacksonville’s most desirable neighborhoods.

The 282-unit acquisition brings the Lloyd Jones Capital multifamily portfolio to nearly 5,000 units spread across Texas, Florida, and the Southeast.

“We are elated with the acquisition of Deerwood Park. Jacksonville is a key market for us and Deerwood Park is a value-add asset with tremendous upside opportunity,” commented Chris Finlay, chairman and CEO of Lloyd Jones Capital. “Lloyd Jones Capital plans to enhance the property with a value-add program that we anticipate will yield rent and occupancy growth for our investors.”

Built in 2002, the gated property offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments with highly sought-after amenities including attached garages, a resort luxury style pool, outdoor kitchen with gas grills and a dog park.

Deerwood Park will be managed by Finlay Management, the operations group at Lloyd Jones Capital.  Finlay Management is an Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) as designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) and has a 37-year history in the industry.

About Lloyd Jones Capital
Lloyd Jones Capital is a private-equity real estate firm that specializes in the multifamily sector. With 37 years of experience in the real estate industry, the firm acquires, improves, and operates multifamily real estate in growth markets throughout Texas, Florida, and the Southeast. Lloyd Jones Capital provides a fully integrated investment/operations platform.  Its property management arm partners with the investment team to provide local expertise in each of its markets.
Headquartered in Miami, the firm has offices throughout Texas, Florida, and the Southeast, plus New York City.  The firm’s investors include institutional partners, private investors, and its own principals. For more information visit:

The Lloyd Jones Capital team had a great time networking with other investment firms and more importantly, investors from around the world, at Opal Group’s 2016 Real Estate Investors Summit. Our firm had a booth where we connected with investors and shared our strategies in regards to real estate investing, previous deals and the types of returns we have achieved for our clients.

In addition to the networking and social events, our Chairman and CEO, Chris Finlay, was asked to speak on a panel on the first day of the summit about investment strategies and styles. During this panel, Dean Crombie, the moderator and Senior Trustee at New Hampshire Retirement System, asked a lot of good questions about the real estate market. Some of the questions included: Where are we in the real estate cycle? What types of multifamily strategies are investment firms using? In what state is multifamily real estate booming?

A few keynotes our CEO mentioned on the panel:
– The key to real estate investing is good management and not over leveraging.
– Class C real estate is the last to be affected by a recession and the first to rebound, providing low risk.
– While the oil bust is hurting some areas in Texas, many other parts, including Houston, are thriving with an influx of new residents, who all need places to live.
– South Carolina is a state that Lloyd Jones Capital focuses on because of the thriving job growth and population growth. These are indicators that rental demand will be high.
– Many different demographics are choosing to rent and there is a lot of new data proving Millennials are driving this trend. This movement is another positive indicator for the multifamily real estate market.
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