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Lloyd Jones Capital Merges with Finlay Management Lloyd Jones Capital Merges with Finlay Management

Lloyd Jones Capital Merges with Finlay Management

The joint company will be known as Lloyd Jones LLC

Multifamily real estate investment firm Lloyd Jones Capital has merged with its sister company, property management firm Finlay Management, Inc.  The newly formed Lloyd Jones, LLC will encompass investment, development, and management of multifamily and senior communities in Florida, Texas, and the Southeast.
Although Finlay Management was the exclusive manager of Lloyd Jones Capital’s multifamily investment portfolio, the merger will lead to “improved efficiency and communication,” stated Chris Finlay who remains the chairman of both companies.

Finlay formed The Finlay Company in 1980 to focus on commercial brokerage and property management. By 1990, the company had grown into one of the largest commercial real estate firms in New England and a major asset manager for FDIC.

Over the ensuing years, the company expanded into multifamily development and investment, supported by Finlay Management, the property manager of the growing portfolio.

Success in the investment arena led to the 2013 launch of the investment firm, Lloyd Jones Capital, which offered third-party investors an opportunity to participate in Finlay’s investment strategy.
Under Finlay’s leadership, both Lloyd Jones Capital and Finlay Management have benefitted greatly from their vertical integration and mutual ownership. Because of their strategic alignment, merging the two companies was the logical next step toward further streamlining the asset lifecycle. Finlay added, “Through our combined resources, we can deliver a better product for our investors.”

About Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones is a private-equity real estate firm that specializes in the multifamily and senior housing sectors. Building on thirty-eight years in the real estate industry, the firm develops, acquires, improves, and operates multifamily real estate in growth markets throughout Florida, Texas, and the Southeast. Its investors include institutional partners, family offices, private investors, and its own principals.